Sisters in Psychedelics

Sister In Psychedelics (SIP) is a grassroots-to-global community that empowers people to elevate the divine feminine and other underrepresented voices in the evolution of the psychedelic ecosystem with events, programs and other offerings. Organically growing from 15 strangers to over 600 sisters around the world, SIP organized their inaugural SIP Summit on Sept 10, 2022, celebrated their 1-year anniversary by expanding into 2 markets (Calgary & Seattle) and have many more developments planned!

Conscious Mind Clinic

Conscious Mind Clinic is following the Canadian regulations with regards to Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy. We are currently offering psychedelic & plant medicine preparation and integration services and microdosing coaching.

Lucid After Life

Driving Lucid Afterlife is the desire to transport audiences with their unique fusion of psychedelic, metal, electronic, prog, and folk music. The well-established project of Nat Jack, Lucid Afterlife has recorded and performed in countries around the world, particularly in Latin America and the United States, where they regularly play to dedicated fan bases. Jack’s compositions invite listeners to disappear into soundscapes that abide by no genre or creative boundaries, and the band’s electrifying stage presence and kaleidoscopic live visuals have captivated listeners from all walks of life.