Our Mission​

Offer safe, reliable and enjoyable psilocybin products to a wide range of people while promoting respectful, intentional and well-informed psilocybin use.​

Our Vision

At Sabia, we strive to give people the tools to feel at home in their minds and bodies. We are proud to offer products that have safely sourced ingredients and are always accurately dosed and tested. All products are made sustainable in small scale production in Canada.

The Story Behind Sabia.

Sabia translates to wise in Spanish. At Sabia we believe in the innate wisdom activated through the use of plant medicine. Our aim is to responsibly source, blend and package safe and natural psilocybin edibles to make the healing and balancing potential of this plant available to you.

As Sabia we know balanced mental health is obtained when we are aligned in mind, body, spirit, and we hope our products will support you finding that balance. All our products are accurately dosed and consciously prepared with you, the user, in mind

Giving Back

A portion of proceeds go to rotating charities in need.

Safely Sourced

Our production team sources products that are healthy and safe for all to consume.

Plant Based

We strive to use plant based products and plastic free packaging whenever possible.

Responsible Use

We promote respectful and intentional use of all our products.  Please consult a doctor before using.